Houston Criminal
Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges is frightening, dangerous, and risky. Mr. Alston takes his duty to defend his clients seriously and he develops a defense strategy to achieve the best result for his clients.

James Alston uses his experience as both a former state and federal prosecutor to prepare a powerful and strategic defense to any criminal charge in state or federal court. When your future is at risk, you want to ensure that your Constitutional rights and freedoms are protected by an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer. James Alston has over 25 years of experience as a talented and proven Houston criminal defense attorney.

Houston Federal Crimes Attorney:
- Houston Federal Drug Crimes Lawyer
- Houston Federal Medical Fraud Attorney
- Houston Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

Houston State Crimes Lawyer:
- Houston DWI Defense Attorney
- Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer
- Houston Domestic Violence Attorney
- Houston White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer:
- Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer
- Houston Child Pornography Attorney
- Houston Prostitution Defense Lawyer
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